The No-More-Fainting Ladies’ Fainting Couch

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My grandchildren think it’s hilarious that Nana has a “real” ladies’ fainting couch, and they love to bring their friends to see it. Actually, mine is a 1920’s replica of a type of furniture that became popular in the 19th Century. This was a time when women’s corsets had whalebone and everyday gowns were extremely […]

About Giving Thanks

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We all have negative bias to some degree. We tend to notice and focus on what’s wrong in our day, our lives, our country, more than on what’s right. The experts tell us this has a biological, evolutionary basis. That is, back in the day it was much more important to notice the hungry saber-toothed […]

Rooney, The Time-Telling Canine Wonder

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We’ve all known intelligent dogs, and despite what some experts may tell us, those of us who have lived with them know that they definitely do have some interesting thought processes. We can see it in their eyes and witness it by their actions. Once upon a time my husband and I had a beagle-lab […]

Many Thanks and Fall Updates

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Dear Reader, As many of you know, I launched my newest book, The Alchemy of Illuminated Poetry®—Seven Steps to Your Personal Gold, this past June.  As summer draws to a close, I wanted to thank everyone for the interest and delightful reception the book has received. This is my outlier book in that it’s about the process I […]

Getting to Know My Uber Drivers

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Not long ago I had the pleasure of visiting family in New York and New Jersey. As everyone is rather spread out, I found myself calling Uber quite a bit. I am new to this service, since here in LA we basically live in our cars. So I didn’t quite know what to expect, but […]

 Rockin’ with the Grandkids

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With summer upon us, I am thinking about my favorite set of outdoor furniture. It’s the wrought iron table and rocking chairs that sit in our courtyard just outside the kitchen. Many years ago I had the good fortune to stumble upon an intriguing little shop that sold Mexican imports. It was full of unique […]

Announcing the Publication of The Alchemy of Illuminated Poetry®

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I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new book, The Alchemy of Illuminated Poetry®—Seven Steps to Your Personal Gold. This is my outlier book, the only non-fiction book I’ve ever written. It’s a kind of meditative manual that guides the reader through an intuitive process that I developed through years of writing poetry as part of […]

Devil in the Details

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I’ve spoken previously about trying to write a Xoem® a day as part of my daily morning Alchemy of Illuminated Poetry®  practice. One of the things I do by way of this practice is to explore the mind-body connection. A while back I jammed my fingers into the walls of my house three times in […]

Happy National Poetry Month!

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April is National Poetry Month, which to me is wonderful because it brings the joys of poetry into more people’s awareness and experience. For me reading as well as writing poetry has been a daily lifelong practice. From the time I wrote my first poem at the age of eight, poetry has been my primary […]

“A World to Light:” Pointilla’s song from Mindel and the Misfit Dragons

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On Sunday March 26th I had the pleasure of hearing the LA Valley Girls’ Choir sing the song “A World to Light” for which I wrote the lyrics, adapted from my book Mindel and the Misfit Dragons. It comes from the plea of the dragoness Pointilla to her parents that she must leave home now because she […]