Thanksgiving 2015

Nov 20, 2015

I have always loved Thanksgiving. I love gathering with family and friends, decorating my autumnal table, and serving the turkey and all the trimmings. And I’ve always thought of Thanksgiving as a special opportunity to thank G-d for America, for the miracle that it is, and for all that it has done for the Jews.

I find myself thinking about this more than ever now, with my new book, Lily of the Valley – An American Jewish Journey, about to be published. Lily, the first of five generations of Jewish women in the book, survives a pogrom and comes to the Goldena Medina, the Golden Land of her dreams. She might not have been able to afford the turkey, but she surely would have embraced this holiday in gratitude for America and its promise for a better life for her children.

Today as we watch the horror and turmoil engulfing so much of the world, how can we be anything but grateful to G-d for this country, grateful that we are here, that America has given us so much? America has even given us the ability to take our freedom for granted. But let’s not.

Happy Thanksgiving , everyone!