Devil in the Details

May 15, 2017

I’ve spoken previously about trying to write a Xoem® a day as part of my daily morning Alchemy of Illuminated Poetry®  practice. One of the things I do by way of this practice is to explore the mind-body connection.

A while back I jammed my fingers into the walls of my house three times in two days. Three times really captured my attention. One time might be an accident; two might be coincidence. But three, as far as I was concerned, must be some sort of message. And so with my fingers still throbbing, I set pen to paper to figure out what this meant, before I actually broke one of them!

Here’s the drawing I did with my left hand, and the cautionary, completely unexpected words that emerged:

Devil in the Details
Devil-Details-Mandala Fingers slammed,
Derailed by small concerns.
The major ones I leave to God,
But details are my lightening rod.
Body throbs and burns—
Signals jammed.