Rockin’ with the Grandkids

Jun 26, 2017

With summer upon us, I am thinking about my favorite set of outdoor furniture. It’s the wrought iron table and rocking chairs that sit in our courtyard just outside the kitchen. Many years ago I had the good fortune to stumble upon an intriguing little shop that sold Mexican imports. It was full of unique outdoor furniture, fountains and flowers. It was lovely to walk through and smelled divine. One day I found a low, round table and child-size rocking chairs to match. I immediately bought the table and two chairs.

At the time I had two grandchildren—a 3  1/2 year old girl (who’s now 19), and her baby brother (now 16.) Days later my granddaughter and I sat together at the table, gently rocking in the chairs, which are actually comfortable for adult women as well as kids.

“You know, Nana,” she said to me, “one day my brother will be old enough to sit, and there won’t be a chair for him. And what if we bring a friend? You really should buy two more chairs.”

So I dutifully went and did just that.

A week later my little darling said, “You know, Nana, my mommy might have more children. And we might have cousins. I think two more chairs will fit. You really should buy them.”

And so, of course, I did.

Not long after it occurred to me that while a woman could sit in the little chairs, a man certainly could not. And I remembered that there had been a similar adult-sized wrought iron rocker on the other side of the store. So I went back yet again, but the store was gone. And I mean gone, as in razed to the ground, apparently to make way for condos. Oh dear!

I was so grateful that I had listened to my granddaughter and filled up the table with six chairs. I never again found any like them. They were originally a rust color, and my mother spray painted them green to match my other outdoor furniture. And here they have been ever since.

Over the years my husband and I have been blessed with more grandkids, and how many countless hours have I sat with them at this little table? How many art projects have we done? How many Sabbath afternoons have we sat and read and eaten their favorite snacks? Or just sat chatting and watching the palm trees sway? Or watching the more energetic among us play capture the flag or handball?

Every time I look outside at that table, I smile.  And I know that if we ever decide to downsize, this little table and chairs will absolutely be one of my keepers!


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