Really, Really – A Poem

Dec 28, 2014

Xianna Michaels Flower Mandala

From time to time I’ll share a poem I’ve written for children, often from the child’s point of view.

I remember the day I wrote this poem. I can still hear the clever little guy pleading with his mom: He didn’t feel well, but it’s wasn’t the medicine kind of sick. All he needed was a popsicle. The poem kind of wrote itself.


Really, Really

I really don’t have fever, Mom;

I promise I’m not sick.

No medicine! A popsicle

Would really do the trick.


I really don’t have homework, Mom;

Well, just a little bit.

But I left all my books in school,

So please don’t have a fit.


I really have this project, Mom;

I can’t clean up today.

And when it’s done I know you’ll say

That children need to play.


I’m really glad that you’re my Mom;

You’ll forgive me what I did,

‘Cuz Nana says you broke things, too,

When you were just a kid!