Many Thanks and Fall Updates

Sep 11, 2017

Dear Reader,

As many of you know, I launched my newest book, The Alchemy of Illuminated Poetry®Seven Steps to Your Personal Gold, this past June.  As summer draws to a close, I wanted to thank everyone for the interest and delightful reception the book has received.

This is my outlier book in that it’s about the process I developed of drawing and writing poetry for self-awareness and spiritual connection. It’s been so gratifying to hear from readers who work the process and find that it does, indeed, help them access their intuitive right brains and come up with surprising insights and answers to dilemmas not available through their everyday, left-brain consciousness. The same thing always happens when I teach workshops in the process. Participants experience AHA moments and say things like, “Wow! Is THAT what’s going on here? I had no idea!” So thank you all, and I wish you happy reading, drawing, writing and continued unexpected insights!

I always start my day doing this poetry process as well, and then I go to my work-in-progress. So I’d like to tell you a bit about my next project: a medieval verse fairy tale about a kingdom cursed for almost 100 years and the aging king who wants to undo the curse before he dies. In this he is thwarted by a mysterious sorceress who seems to have her tentacles everywhere. I’m in the revising and polishing stage now, and I’m working on the illustrations for the decorative initial letters and the chapter headings.

This story came to me many years ago and it’s so exciting for me finally to be bringing it into fruition! It’s for readers perhaps age 10 through adult, and can be read as a magical tale as well as a spiritual allegory. I can’t wait to share it with everyone—I’ll keep you posted on the upcoming publication date!

I have several other medieval tales in various stages of development, but meanwhile people from other times and places have been whispering to me, demanding attention. I find myself pulling off the road while driving so I can write down the snippets of their stories as they reveal them. All of which means that my carefully laid plans for the order in which I will bring my stories into the world may have to change. Updates to follow!

With warmest regards,
Xianna Michaels

Working on the decorative letters for my upcoming medieval verse fairytale.

Working on the decorative letters for my upcoming medieval verse fairy tale.