Kirkus calls The Alchemy of Illuminated Poetry® “A Message of Self Discovery”

A handbook that aims to help readers discover spiritual truth through unconventional poetry composition. This beautifully produced work from Michaels (Lily of the Valley, 2016, etc.) encourages one to embark on a modern-day, metaphorical version of the medieval alchemists’ quest to turn base metals into gold. One may refine oneself, the author says, to “attain one’s […]

Foreword Reviews calls The Alchemy of Illuminated Poetry® a “master class experience”

This is a master class experience on the art and science of illustrated poetry. Xianna Michaels’s The Alchemy of Illuminated Poetry® is a surprising and successful hybrid of poetry and prose that serves as a meditative experience. A deeply personal yet universal outline, the book is unconventional in the best sense of the word. As […]

San Francisco Book Review calls Lily “A Beautiful Tribute.”

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This heartfelt saga in verse form is about five generations of women’s journeys from Russia’s persecuting pogroms of the 1890s to America during the 2000s, including Ellis Island and New York’s Lower East Side sweatshops. The story is broken up into five parts, one for each of the women’s generation. The story begins and ends […]

Kirkus Reviews rates Lily of the Valley “a gorgeously designed and illustrated book.”

A verse narrative follows the fortunes of a Jewish family through five generations after it immigrates to the United States. In 1892, a Russian Jewish couple suffer a horrifying loss when their baby is murdered by Cossacks in a pogrom. They send their two remaining children, Basya and Laili, to the United States, because “in […]

Foreword Reviews gives Lily of the Valley a five star review

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Lily of the Valley is an elegantly bound poetic volume that celebrates the varied inheritances of Jewish American women with poignancy. Lily of the Valley is Xianna Michaels’s graceful and affecting poetic saga, the story of five generations of Jewish American women navigating the promises of the New World. The volume opens on a pogrom […]

Michaels creates Shabbat tale complete with dragons

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By: Rabbi Rachel Esserman What do the laws of Shabbat and dragons have in common? The answer will be obvious for readers of “Mindel and the Misfit Dragons: A Magical Tale By An Ancient Hand” by Xianna Michaels (Alcabal Press). Michaels, the daughter of Samuel and Clare Ladenheim, of Binghamton, uses poetry to create a […]

The Midwest Book Review – Mindel and The Misfit Dragons”, an enduringly popular addition to your Fantasy/Fiction Collection

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Mindel and The Misfit Dragons: A Magical Tale by An Ancient Hand is a magical, medieval verse fairy tale imaginatively told by Xianna Michaels. This is the story of a brave Jewish girl living in a castle where it is very hard to keep the Sabbath and where unknown villians are defacing sacred scrolls. In her […] Rates Mindel and The Misfit Dragons “Excellent!”

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“Mindel and The Misfit Dragons” by Xianna Michaels is a beautiful fairy tale told in verse about a little girl of eight who has a serious problem to deal with and manages to solve it beautifully with the aid of three rather unorthodox dragons. To begin with, the book is printed in black and white […]

Review: “Mindel and The Misfit Dragons” is Highly Recommended for All Ages

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I love this book! Mindel is a wonderful book about a smart and a wise-beyond-her-years girl who is determined to save her family home, Castle Draconmere. I think this book is remarkable on so many levels. Thematically, the book brings together medieval folklore and dragon-lore with traditional Jewish themes, and although it is unexpected, it […]

Review: Young Readers Love “Mindel and The Misfit Dragons”

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Mindel and The Misfit Dragons was an amazing book. I love how she was so persistent and how even though the dragons looked to be misfits, they had a place where they belonged. I think that the moral is no matter how much it may seem that you’re a misfit, G-d puts you in this […]