What Baby Sarah Knows – A Poem

Jan 20, 2015

Xianna Michaels Flower Mandala

I have been known to carry a thermos of my green drink just about everywhere. I wrote this poem after yet another grandchild asked to taste it and then ran to spit it out.

The drink is called Bieler’s Soup, after Dr. Henry Bieler, who developed it. It consists of steamed and blended zucchini, green beans and parsley. Nothing else. I love it and drink it every single day. A few friends share my affinity for this delicious, healthful drink. But everyone else does a Baby Sarah and wrinkles up their nose.


What Baby Sarah Knows


Even baby Sarah knows,

Eating jars of glop.

She wrinkles up her little nose

And makes my Mommy stop.


Even baby Sarah knows

That green stuff isn’t good.

She bangs the highchair with her toes

Until she’s understood.


She won’t eat green beans, spinach, peas;

She crinkles up her lips,

But eats her applesauce with ease

And lick her fingertips.


So Sarah shakes her little head

‘Cuz greenish goo is yucky,

And Mommy gives her pears instead –

Boy, aren’t babies lucky!


If I won’t eat that veggie stuff

I don’t get my dessert.

My Mommy makes me eat enough

To make my tummy hurt!


But Nana drinks this big green drink;

She says it’s good for you.

She gulps it down without a blink –

It smells like lizard stew!


“It’s blended veggies,” says my Nana.

“One day you’ll like it too.”

Oh, no! I hope I never wanna

Drink that grownup goo!