“A World to Light:” Pointilla’s song from Mindel and the Misfit Dragons

Mar 27, 2017

On Sunday March 26th I had the pleasure of hearing the LA Valley Girls’ Choir sing the song “A World to Light” for which I wrote the lyrics, adapted from my book Mindel and the Misfit Dragons. It comes from the plea of the dragoness Pointilla to her parents that she must leave home now because she wants to light the world with her fire, and knows she will find a place for herself to do just that.

Diana Warshawsky composed the gorgeous music and Marilyn Kay directed the choir and also produced a beautiful album, “Nishmas,” in which this song appears. It was an incredible experience for me to listen to these wonderful young girls sing their hearts out and bring my words to life! “Nishmas” features the Shireynu Women’s Choir singing original songs by LA Valley composers and lyricists.

I also wrote the lyrics for another song on the album, “If I Forget.” Diana again wrote the music and the first time I heard it I was so humbled by the added dimension and richness that the music brought to what before had been mere words on paper. I want to thank Marilyn and Diana so much for including me in this wonderful project of “Nishmas.”

You can listen to excerpts of these songs at www.MarilynKayProductions.com where you can also purchase the album.